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  • Neil Burger

    Neil Burger

  • Nicolas Payares

    Nicolas Payares

  • Hanzalamemon


  • Brink Van Der Merwe

    Brink Van Der Merwe

    I am an academic that focusses on formal aspects of computing applied to regular expression matching engines, natural language processing, graph databases.

  • Jon Herke

    Jon Herke

  • Yusuf CANBAZ

    Yusuf CANBAZ

    software engineer at i-Vis Research Lab, MS student, Bilkent University

  • Gaurav Deshpande

    Gaurav Deshpande

    Seasoned technology executive with 20+ years experience in marketing SCM, MDM, big data analytics, Graph Database, and Mobile. Disclaimer: Tweets are my own!

  • Fabrizio Fantini

    Fabrizio Fantini

    The learnings and benefits of the ‘science of billions’: what if you could access more data than Amazon? Free Evo University project: https://evo.ltd/join

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